The Magic Pill Mentality

magicpillA lot of achievements in medical science stem from this “magic pill” mentality. You treat symptoms with pills, surgery, or some kind of technique aimed to cure that one thing (despite the many side effects) in a reductionist approach. Sometimes, pills and surgery are inevitable, but the best (and smart) thing to do is to go back to the basics and try to avoid needing pills and surgery in the first place.
In order to get away from reductionist approach, you do the opposite and take on a holistic approach. This means you see your health as a whole system. This means that the “magic pill” can only do so much for you, and that you best start changing other bad habits that caused the illness to begin with. Why? because your health is a system that does not have one specific solution. Depression may be signs of cancer down the line (study link below links depression with inflammation), and also heart disease. So with a holistic approach, you see depression as steming from that which causes inflammation, which according to the second study linked below, connects inflammation with diet.

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