The Four Fields of Anthropology

Welcome to week 1 of Physical Anthropology. This week we will cover the scientific method and the four fields of Anthropology. In this blog post I will focus on what the four fields of Anthropology are.

What is Anthropology?

Anthropology is concerned  with all aspects of humanity across space and time. Anthropologists take a four-field approach with each sub-field specializing in its own area of interest. Archaeology, the study of artifacts, is concerned with the material remains of the past. Cultural Anthropology, in contrast is concerned with the culture of the people in the present. Linguistic Anthropology is the study of human speech and language. Last but not least, Physical Anthropology is the “study of human biology within the framework of evolution with an emphasis on the interaction between biology and culture” (pg. 12 on your textbook).

These four fields of anthropology also include their own set of sub disciplines, but knowing the general focus of each of the four fields will give you a good idea as to what discipline belongs to which field.

Here are examples of articles pertaining to each of the four fields:



Cultural Anthropology:


Linguistic Anthropology:


Physical Anthropology:


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